Clearing Agents Spoil for War As Customs Server Failure Cripples Cargo Clearance At Tin Can Port


Tin Can Island Port gate


There is palpable anxiety at the Tin Can Island Port of Lagos where freight forwarders and Clearing Agents are spoiling of showdown with the Nigeria Customs Service over its server failure since last week Thursday.

One of the Agents, Hon Remilekun Sikiru lamented that there has been no customs network server to login and carryout clearance of cargo, while the demurrage on cargoes are piling up.

He also said there has been no assessing of customs portal since last week Friday.

“There has been no communication from customs on the cause of the problem, no correspondence and nothing from our associations on the latest development, meanwhile
demurrage is killing” he lamented

Also speaking with DAILY TREND, another agent, Adebowale Timothy Adebare alleged that the frequent server failure is a deliberate collaboration between customs and terminal operators to fleece clearing agents through demurrage.

According to him, the more the server failure lasted, the more demurrage paid by clearing agents. He alleged that this was a plan work by customs because of the commission they are getting from terminal operators.

Our correspondent however reports that the customs server failure is not directly the fault of the command’s, as the server is being managed by a consultant and the fault is from customs headquarters Abuja.

However, the server failure has left many of the stakeholders perplexed, as no official information has been provided regarding the cause of the failure or an estimated time for resolution.

This lack of transparency has only added to the frustration felt by those impacted, even as there has been murmurings among the agents for them to down tools in protest.

3 thoughts on “Clearing Agents Spoil for War As Customs Server Failure Cripples Cargo Clearance At Tin Can Port

  1. The terminal operators, especially the mother port Apapa/Tincan, and customs are killing the business in this country. It is clear and right to say that the customs connive with the terminal operators to sock the importers by holding down shipments to accumulate demurrage. If this is not true why the customs license bonded terminals no longer have containers even when ships are in traffic because of lack of space to offload at the mother port? The bonded terminal is been license to resqiew the mother port in terms of conjection but the corruption connecting the mother ports and the customs has stopped bonded terminal from operating because they enjoy the demortage benefit.

  2. If ncs has no control on d sever de shld provide an alternative for d agent to carry their cargo while they come and normalize their documents wen d server is back. We cannot bcos of server keep d gateway to d nation economy down.

  3. Nigerian system of operations at our various Ports are not helpful to the Economic growths of our Nation. Bundles of sabotage all Over….. God,have Mercy….!!!

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