Customs, IMF Brainstorm with Stakeholders in Apapa Over Efficient Cargo Delivery


The Nigeria Customs Service, in conjunction with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), convened with maritime stakeholders to pinpoint obstacles affecting cargo clearance and propose sustainable solutions for a seamless and efficient delivery of services.

The meeting presided over by Comptroller Suleiman Chiroma at Apapa Area Command on Friday, 1 December, 2023, aimed to address challenges hindering the smooth flow of cargo clearance processes.

Comptroller Suleiman Chiroma emphasized the commitment of the Comptroller General of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR, to seek assistance and make concerted efforts for a streamlined cargo clearance process.

“The team has spent the past week evaluating various seaports, airports, and Customs processes. This meeting with our stakeholders is crucial to achieving a smooth and efficient trade facilitation process.” Comptroller Chiroma noted.

IMF representative Kenneth Head highlighted the significance of automation and the single window system in improving cargo clearance.

The Customs Area Controller for Apapa Area Command, Comptroller Babajide Jaiyeoba, reiterated the service’s commitment to achieving a 48-hour clearance process.

Jaiyeoba stated, “Cargo clearance is a chain that requires every stakeholder to play their role diligently. We have identified the challenges and are actively working to address necessary gaps.”

Stakeholders at the meeting expressed concerns regarding delays and bottlenecks in the clearance processes. Gerald Mbamala, representing Bonded Terminal Owners, called for the welfare of officers in the Apapa environs, emphasizing the need for conducive accommodation, upgraded equipment for cargo handling, and improved access roads to the port.

Tunji Igbaugba, representing APM Terminal, suggested using API interaction to notify agents once their cargoes are cleared. He emphasized that this approach would reduce physical interaction and eliminate the paper processes involved in clearance.

3 thoughts on “Customs, IMF Brainstorm with Stakeholders in Apapa Over Efficient Cargo Delivery

  1. So, we need IMF to come in and brainstorm before we can find the simple solution to our port problem.
    Our 1st problem is corruption, 2nd problem is corruption, 3rd is corruption.
    Customs, NPA, Terminal operators are feeding fat on the inefficiency the system they created.
    What does it take to carry out cargo clearance electronically. The structure & infrastructure are already in place. Getting these elements to comply is the major problem.
    I weep for Nigeria

    1. I wonder the business IMF has with Nigerian ports? Nigeria is in every way selling and enslaving the country every day. Greed and corruption! Shame Shame Shame on all the leaders from top to bottom.

  2. IMF with Nigerian Customs…watch out for 100% tariff increase in customs and excise taxes. This same IMF that pushed Tinubu to “claime” to remove fuel subsidies that never existed! This IMF that’s pushing Govt to retire civil servants at 60yrs! This IMF that’s pushing for more taxes onthe masses in exchange for loans and indebtedness which is total slavery. IMF is bad news the way they are soaking deep I to our micro economy
    What’s left is for IMF to sell recharge cards to us. Ndi ara

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