WABOTAN Gets FTAN Membership, Boosts Boat Operators Business Opportunities


WABOTAN National President, Mr Tope Fajemirokun also known as Simtop


The Waterfront Boat Owners and Transport Association (WABOTAN) has joined the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN) in order to boost business opportunities for its members in the tourism industry.

WABOTAN is made up of stakeholders in the water transport sector including tourism boat owners, basic transport boat owners, fishing boat owners.

FTAN on the other hand, is the umbrella body that represents all the private sector in the Tourism industry in Nigeria. The Federation was established in 1997 by the Federal Ministry of Commerce and Tourism with a view to have easy liaison with the organized private sector in the Tourism and Culture sector in Nigeria.

Speaking with DAILY TREND in Lagos on Tuesday, Public Relations Officer of WABOTAN, Chief Raymond Gold stated that water tourism is one area that WABOTAN members are involved in.
“We always believe in doing the right thing so we feel we should join FTAN.

“We have already developed a water tourism event for Lagos, we are planning that this would take off any time.

“For WABOTAN joining FTAN, this is one good way of creating business opportunities for our members in that sector. It is also another good way of contributing to both the state and national economy.

“We hope to grow our water tourism events to an international level, that these events would be on the global tourism calendar, attract foreign tourist to Nigeria where the country would make money” he said

Out correspondent reports that some of the functions of FTAN is to Act as the apex body to provide leadership and direction for the private sector travel, hospitality and recreation Associations/businesses.

“Co-ordinate, promote and protect the interest of its members in the tourism sector of the nation’s economy and in particular the interests of its members.

“Liaise, interact and work in concert with the government (Federal, States, and Local Government Areas) and its agencies in order to guarantee the timely and effective development of tourism resources in Nigeria.

“Establish operating standards and ethics that will enhance credibility of the profession and encourage its acceptability.

“Promote domestic and international tourism activities within the Federal Republic of Nigeria in particular and the rest of the world, in general”

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