PTML Customs Introduces New Platform for Clearing Imported ‘Tokunbo’ Vehicles


Compt SA Yusuf, PTML Customs Area Controller


The PTML Command of the Nigeria Customs Service has announced the launching of a new electronic platform which would now be used to clear Tokunbo vehicles (old imported vehicles) which were not captured under the VIN valuation (Non-standard VIN) platform of the service.

DAILY TREND reports that there are vehicles which are not captured under the VIN valuation platform of Customs, these are often referred to as Non-standard VIN. Such vehicles are required to make use of a special code called 846.

Public Relations Officer of the PTML Command, Mohammed Yakubu confirmed in a memo to all clearing agents on Sunday that the electronic platform for clearing the 846 vehicles would commence on Monday, 7th of August 2023.

DAILY TREND reports that the pilot phase of the Non-standard VIN vehicles was launched at the Ton Can Island Port on 5th December 2022 when Customs announced that VIN vehicles must now be cleared through a new platform;

This is even as relevant stakeholders including freight forwarders were subsequently trained on the use of the 846 platform.

Apparently taking a cue from the Tin Can Island Port eight months later, the PTML Customs Comand Spokesman said “I am directed to remind all licensed customs agents with Form C30 in PTML AREA Command that the e-application on 846 will go on air on 8th (sic) Monday August, 2023

“Henceforth, all manual applications will not be entertained. The customs licensed agents with Form C30 are to come forward for the e-application of 846 system acess

“Ensure that all licensed agents are to come along with their form C30 for screening before issuing acess”

Prior to introduction of the automated platform for 846 vehicles, for clearing agents to get payable values on these kind of vehicles, the clearing agents wwere mandated to write an application to the Customs Area Controller of the command where the car is being cleared in order to get actual value to pay.

The clearing agents and freight forwarders hsve argued that the Non-standard VIN or 846 gives room for human interface and extortion by customs officers, a development which the VIN Valuation Platform was created to solve in the first place.

10 thoughts on “PTML Customs Introduces New Platform for Clearing Imported ‘Tokunbo’ Vehicles

  1. This people will fashion all ways to ensure corruption continues. What is form 846. While can’t they introduce VIN to all vehicles. We want to be free in this country. Their men on the highway will still tell you the form 846 is comprised payment. To kill corruption in Nigerian custom is the most difficult thing to achieve.

    1. We like to make things difficult for ourselves in Nigeria. Do E:valuation
      to all vehicles if u really mean business n being straight forward enough…

    2. I agree with Willson, let them creat Vin for all vehicles. With the 846, customs are still demanding for money agents before issuing the values. They are still enriching themselves, defrauding the agents and Federal government.

  2. The Nigeria Custom Service should please make all vehicles in VIN(System) bcos customs on highway are still disturbing and this will stop the corruption as the customs are still using 846 error code to collect money from Agents/Importers on illegal ways.

  3. This thing is not going, we tried it severally, I submitted 2 manual valuation yesterday, I was told that they haven’t started the online system yet. You guys are confusing us.

  4. As I understood the Nigerian custom there’s no way any government can stop them from corruption, this is b’cos even in the estimate form the clearing agents filled to clear vehicle’s they must add some percentage for everyone in that office, including the controller. Customs are the most corrupt civil servants in Nigeria.

  5. As far as am concerned as a Freight Forwarder in Nigeria, the used vehicles valuation system called 846 is nothing but another rebranded way of corruption, make all the vehicles duty payment to be VIN duty (electronic) 846 is nothing but a Scam, it’s still all about extorting freight forwarders, agents and the importers, only the vehicles been cleared out by electronic duty value will be allowed to go free on the road by Highways customs officers, 846 system is the continuation of corruption.

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