PIRACY: Italian Frigate Rescues Vessel Attacked Off Lagos

A Greek bulk carrier, ARCH GABRIEL which was attacked and boarded by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea has been rescued by Italian Navy frigate; LUIGI RIZZO.

The frigate, positioned 280 nm from the drifting bulk carrier, responded to distress signal sent by the ship, and steamed towards her.

Helicopter with special forces team flew from frigate to bulk carrier, team boarded the ship and found out, that the pirates already fled.

The ship’s crew was released from citadel and all were safe. The crew afterwards repaired the equipment and mechanisms, damaged by pirates, and the bulk carrier was under way again.

The ship was attacked on 3rd of April while heading towards Lagos.

Reports say that no Navy/Military ships/boats was in the area, but they might not have AIS on.
It was said, that attacked ship was boarded, but pirates left the ship after they failed to break in citadel.

Cargo ship was attacked at around 1900 UTC Apr 3 in Gulf of Guinea some 305 nm south of Lagos, Nigeria.
She was cruising in the area in legs since middle March having Lagos as port of destination. She arrived from Houston.

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