NPA Call-up System: AMARTO Demands Unconditional Release of Impounded Trucks



Truck owners at Nigerian ports under the aegis of Association of Maritime Truck Owners (AMARTO) has called on the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) to as a matter of urgency, effect release of all trucks impounded by the implementation task force of its recently introduced electronic call-up system for trucks.

The group said that these arrested trucks we’re with valid èto call up tickets, yet they were arrested by the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA)

In a communique issued at the end of an enlarged transporters stakeholders meeting held at the AMARTO Secretariat in Apapa on Monday, the transporters alleged that there are irregularities and corruption in the NPA Call-up System nicknamed Eto.

AMARTO further alleged that there is a lot of fake e-call up slip in circulation and they are being allowed to access the port at the expense of genuine holders.

The truckers noted that trucks who do not have the Eto Call-up slip are being allowed to go into the port to pick containers, while those with call up slips are detained outside the gate for days.

“Arising from transporters stakeholders meeting held on the 12/04/2021, at AMATO secretariat Apapa, the following resolutions were adopted as Communique for our meeting”

“Being the technical regulator of the ports that authorized the return of all empty containers to holding bays, the Nigerian Ports Authority NPA should effect the release of all trucks impounded by LASTMA/ABANDONED/TASK at empty holding bays as soon as possible”

“Being the regulators of èto automation system, Lagos state government, Nigerian Ports Authority and TTP should effect the unconditional release of all trucks with valid èto call up ticket impounded by LASTMA/ABANDON/TASK FORCE on port access roads”

“All members must desist from indiscriminate parking of trucks on port access roads for the sake of traffic sanity”

“The Nigerian Ports Authority, Lagos state government and TTP must investigate and take action on the reasons why some trucks without valid eto call up tickets are gaining access into the ports faster than trucks with valid eto tickets”

“Formation of delegate team to engage Lagos state government, NPA, Shippers’ Council, etc on unlawful towing of trucks, slamming of outrageous charges and securing the release of trucks with valid eto ticket impounded by LASTMA/ABANDON/TASK FORCE”

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