Electronic Call-Up System: No Entry For Trucks Into Apapa Today, Friday—-Port Security



Following the official disbandment of the manual call up system for trucks by the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) on 25th February 2021, the Port Authority Police, Lagos State Police, Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and the Lagos State Task Team has warned that no truck would be admitted into the port today Friday 26th February 2021.

According to a memo circulated to all port stakeholders on Thursday, the port authorities noted that the NPA electronic call-up system would commence 12noon on Saturday 27th February 2021.

The circular states that “The existing call up system for trucks would be discontinued from 26th February 2021”

“The last manual call system ends today 25th February 2021”

“All manual call ups already issued would expire by 12noon on 26th February 2021”

“By 4pm, there shall be no entry of any form for articulated trucks into Apapa”

“With reference to the above, until 12noon on Saturday 27th 2021 when the electronic call-up system would start”

“Before the e-call up commences on Saturday, all trucks in and around the port roads must vacate the area”

“With this arrangement, no empty containers would be allowed to be returned by individuals into the port. All empties should be returned to shipping companies holding bays”

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