Cargo Ship Attacked By Pirates In Togo Finally Arrives Lagos

A cargo ship; Rowayton Eagle, which was attacked by pirates at around 0430 UTC on Jan 30th 2020 in Gulf of Guinea south of Lome Togo has regained its freedom and arrived Lagos on 1st February 2021.

The Marshall Island flagged ship, owned by an American company EAGLE BULK ULTRACO LLC, USA (EQUASIS) was en route from Canary Islands to Lagos Nigeria before it was attacked.

The company said automatic identification system (AIS) data showed the ship had been drifting since January 27.

However, the managers of the ship have announced that it is now operational and its Expected Time of Arrival at Lagos Port was Feb 1st.

When she was attacked, the crew reportedly mustered in the citadel, the pirates failed to break into citadel and fled, after undoubtedly, looting the ship. The crew are now safe.

The incident was confirmed Monday by Eagle Bulk Shipping in a tweet informing that its Ultramax bulker carrier; Rowayton Eagle was hijacked about 240 miles southeast of Lagos, Nigeria. The company also hailed the ship’s Captain for his leadership throughout the ordeal.

“We are very pleased to report that the incident has been resolved and our crew are safe and unharmed, and the vessel is fully operational… Our profound thanks to Captain Gopich for his leadership and the professionalism and courage of the entire crew throughout this ordeal.”

The incident comes after a violent and deadly pirate attack on board the MV Mozart off the coast of Sao Tome on January 23rd. In that incident, one crew member was shot dead and fifteen were abducted after pirates breached the ship’s citadel, a form of safe room on board the vessel.

The owner of the Mozart has since been in contact with the kidnapped crew members and reports that they are uninjured as the company works to secure their release.

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