150,000 Seafarers Sign Global Petition Online Over Lack of Crew Change

There is an ongoing global petition aiming to draw the attention of the general public to the problems of over 150,000 seafarers that cannot leave or cannot join ship crews due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative belongs to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Goodwill Maritime Ambassador for Bulgaria Capt. Andriyan Evtimov.

The purpose is to have the document signed online by at least 150,000 people – the same number of seafarers blocked by the COVID-19 and then send it to the IMO member-state governments with an appeal for immediate and urgent measures to facilitate the movement of seafaring personnel.

DAILY TREND had reported exclusively that Nigerian apex maritime regulatory agency; Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) had issued a Marine notice, designating seafarers as essential duty workers who should be granted free movement despite lockdown in some states.

Currently, only a few countries permit crewmember exchange in their ports, which has a direct negative impact on seafarers’ wellbeing, on the safety of navigation and the global supply chains.

The petition aims to draw the governments’ attention to the fact that the maritime industry is the backbone of world trade and any continuation of the restrictive measures currently in place against the seafarers would lead to detrimental effects for the global economy.

More than 90% of world trade takes place by sea and the seafarers are those who constantly and in personal deprivation carry out their mission ensuring the operation of the supply chains, including such for medical supplies to combat the pandemic.

The petition insists on the following:
1. Designate seafarers and other maritime personnel as “key workers”, which should be done by the adoption of new and clear national definitions and rules and procedures duly notified to all national authorities – maritime, immigration, health, and port authorities.

2. Ensure free access and movement of seafarers to and from the ships, as well as for persons employed in shipping-related activities.

3. Permit a sufficient number of airplane flights related to embarkation and repatriation of seafaring personnel and movement of maritime transport specialists.

4. Maritime Organization and the International Labour Organization member-states should develop and implement a unified simplified plan for the realization of the above measures as soon as possible.

5. Not subject the seafarers to mandatory quarantine upon debarkation from ships where it is possible to promptly make COVID-19 tests and the test results are negative.

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