Compt Uba Garba Sensitizes Kwara State Textile  Dealers on Dangers of Smuggling 

In continuation of his sensitization program of critical stakeholders, the
Coordinator Joint Border Operations Drill , Sector 3, North central Zone,
Compt. Mohammed Uba Garba at the weekend met with Textiles, Shoes, Veils and Market Women Association, Kwara State Chapter.
In an interactive session with the traders which was conducted in English and Yoruba languages, the Coordinator reminded the stakeholders on the essence of the border closure, saying that it is to encourage local farmers and local industries to strive and
to provide job opportunities for youths while enhancing security across
the nation.
According to Compt Uba, if the environment is not secured,
revenue generation and collection will be a mirage for Nigeria Customs
Service and the country.
He explained that the major reason for the stakeholders meeting was to reemphasize his mission in the sector which is to enforce Federal Government directives and policies on the partial
border closure.
He reiterated that movement of persons with valid travel documents
from -6pm is still in enforce while illegal migration is being checked.
He warned the association not to patronize or sell smuggled goods.
Compt Uba also advised textile materials dealers, buying their goods from Kano to always have a copy of Single Goods Declaration Form (SGD) used and ensure
that they pay for their goods from the original importers to prevent their
goods being seized.
He explained that Section- 147 of Customs and excise Law
gives power to Customs officers to search and raid any premises suspected
to be housing smuggled goods, as such, any shop, company or house
identified to be stocked with smuggled goods will not be spared.
The Coordinator listed the achievement of sector 3 since border closure to include “Reduction in smuggling of illicit arms used for terrorism/crime,
illegal drugs, and Sub-standard foods with potential to cause health
“Reduction in human/Child Trafficking and illegal migration. Reduction in the quantity of PMS consumed daily in Nigeria by about 10 million liters. This is presumed to be the average quantity
of PMS usually smuggled from Nigeria daily into neighboring countries through the numerous petrol stations along the border communities”
“Increase in government revenue accrued from payment of Nigeria
Customs Service duties. Provision of enabling environment to boost local production especially area of Agriculture”
“Enhancement of security across Kwara state/north central zone. Denial of freedom of movement to criminals and reduction in criminal activities and crime rate across the state and zone and
Nigeria in general”
So far, he said the Sector 3 which
covers Niger/Kwara/Kogi and Benue State has recorded the seizure of 12,255 Bags of Rice, 252,000 liters of PMS, 6,617 liters of AGO, 177 Vehicles, 80 Motorcycles, 160 Illegal Migrants, and 11 Illicit Weapons.
The estimated monetary value of the seized goods is put N703, 746,780.00.

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