CRFFN Will Serve you Better in 2020 If You Pay POF, Austen Kelly Charges Freight Forwarders

Member of Governing Council of the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) Chief Austen Kelly has charged all Nigerian freight forwarders to comply with payment of the controversial Practitioners Operations Fee (POF) saying that the Council stands to serve them better in year 2020.
In a signed statement sent to DAILY TREND NEWS, Chief Kelly assured the freight forwarders that this present governing board would take governance to another level this year 2020 once the payment of POF in all the ports and border stations are stabilized and adhere to.
He observed that even without that payment of POF,  some achievements were recorded within the past one year while the council was operating the budget it inherited.
He said “The present administration would be able to do a lot more for the freight forwarders once the practitioners comply with the payment of POF to the regulatory body”
“By the grace of God, we believe that the practitioners will comply and that means the governing council would be able to do much more because the council have put together a program that encapsulates our vision”
“The vision of this governing council remains one that is poised to provide focused and qualitative governance, whilst creating an enabling environment for practitioners to do their work”
“The present governing council is also inclusive, participatory, transparent and accountable. We are profoundly happy with your maximum support as freight forwarders will experience turnaround in 2020” he assured


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