Etisalat Nigeria – Etisalat Nigeria is proberbly one of the best browsing and calling network presently in the country Nigeria, I think this keeps increasing yearly as tough competition exists among Internet Sevice Providers In Nigeria, Etisalat is among the top 4 Telecoms In Nigeria.


Etisalat Daily Data Plan Bundles & Activation Codes

Etisalat 10MB for N50

Comparing this with Globacom , then it’s a no way, But this is a Nice improvement from older days of 10MB for N100

In some area Etisalat might be the best Option for you then if you need a quick data opt in for this, To subscribe Dial *229*3*8#.

Etisalat 50MB for N100

Wow etisalat showed us a green card here, Awesome and Fantastic with N100 you can get 50MB for surf the net for 24Hours

To opt in for Etisalat 50Mb for N100 Dial *229*3*1#

Thats all for the daily plan, its not really common for People to give all hope on daily Plans this is where weekly Plans comes in

Etisalat Weekly Plan Bundles & Activation Codes

Etisalat 200MB for N200

7 days validity period is Guaranteed for this data plan, A whooping 200MB costs only N200 for etisalat potential customers.

What more can we say, to opt in to this data Plan Dial *229*2*10#

Etisalat also Offers weekend data plan check that here.

Etisalat Monthly Data Plan Bundles & Activation Codes

Etisalat 500MB for ₦500

Cheapest and the bomb who Else has this cheap data plan in Nigeria order than Etisalat, This proves them not be the last In
this game.

500MB for a complete month is okay and enough for social Networkers and random internet Users, This Plan is usable on all device types and modems.

To opt in for Etisalat 500MB for ₦500 Dial *229*2*12#

Etisalat 1,500MB for ₦1000

All the same with MTN and Airtel, This Plan is valid for 30days and CAn b used On Androids, Blackberry, Modems and iPhones

To opt in for Etisalat 1,500MB for ₦1000 Dial *229*2*7#

Etisalat 3.5GB for N2000

Seems this change time is befitting us only in internet Bundles at least if the economy goes wrong we can Now Enjoy cheap data plans.

Nothing like unlimited, Etisalat bragged same thing with Airtel and MTN, Don’t know why Glo is so special.

To opt in for Etisalat 3.5GB for N2000 Dial *229*2*8#

Etisalat 6.5GB for ₦3,500

? Etisalat fall my hand here, Glo 10GB costs only N2,500 why would i buy 6.5GB for N3,500, Thats hilarious.

The only option for me to subscribe for this is, If Etisalat Only is the Network that work best for my device.

Anyways etisalat lovers would like to tweak this, to opt in for this Dial *229*2*9#

16GB for ₦8,000

? Etisalat And Etisalat Nigeria Whats the difference, thought we should find that here slashing this by 2 it’s 8GB for N4000.

This is a v bad data plan to say If 6K can buy me 24GB why opt in for this smh.

Its valid for a complete month, to opt in Dial *229*2*5#