How to Browse on ANY Device with the GLO BIS Plan, 3GB for #1000

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 GLO BIS Plan –  It has been a while now since I’ve been using the GLO BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) affordable data plan an and I’m about to share with you, not because I’m selfish but because I want to test and use it for some time and see if its really genuine and worth sharing. I must admit, this is one of the most affordable Internet Subscriptions (i.e. if there is any other one better than it) you can get right now, although it is a Blackberry plan but with just few tweaks, you can get it running and start using it on your Android Phone, iPhone, PC , Windows Phone or what else have you got ! The only device I’ve tried using it on, but didn’t work, is a Nokia Asha 200 (Java Phone) so it might not work on other Java phones too.

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Before you go ahead and read the procedures on how to start using this GLO BIS plan on your Non-Blackberry devices, these are the things you should know. This GLO BIS plan is just #1000 and it lasts for 1 month with a data cap of 3GB. I’ve used it in so many different locations and I noticed it is very fast and yet still slow depending on the location and network strength where you are using it. Now, to get started. Follow the procedures below…

What You Need

*  A BlackBerry Phone (Just for 5 minutes, you can borrow from a friend if you don’t have.. I also borrowed the one I used *winks*)
#1000 Recharge Card


*  Firstly, you have to recharge your GLO SIM with the #1000 recharge card.*   Aft er Recharging, Insert the SIM into a BlackBerry Phone, it doesn’t matter if its a Bold 2 or Curve 4 or whatever, just ensure you’re using a BB OS7 phone. Not BB 10 devices (BB Z10, BB Q10 etc). Who knows! Any BB might work for you but I used a BB OS 7 while activating mine.
*  Now, compose a text message with the body = ‘Comonth‘ and send it to ‘777‘. Message Sent !
*  You can now relax a bit and wait for the message(s) that confirms your GLO BIS subscription. The most important one is the Blackberry connection message, once you see that your BIS status has changed to connected then you are good to go.

  • Ensure the service is working on the BlackBerry, you can just use it to open BlackBerry World or even browse on it to be very sure about this.
  • Finally, you can now remove the SIM and insert it into your Android Phone, iPhone, Windows Phone or Modem. But before you start browsing, change the Access Point Name (APN) of your Phone or Modem to : If you are a newbie in configuring a device’s APN, you can just check these old-is-gold posts of ours to learn how to do it.
  • Now that you’ve configured your Access Point, you can now start enjoying your GLO BIS on your Phone and PC. You can tether the connection to your PC if you are an Android user or if you have the Mobile Hotspot Tethering feature on your Phone.

Send STATUS to 777 to check the amount of data you have and when it will expire and also to check your Data  balance.

Note that this GLO BIS data plan is working right now on ALMOST any device, you can save yourself enough money by using it instead of the expensive ones with even lesser value. I hope you enjoy it as soon as it lasts. Do you have any question about this GLO BIS data plan or about this post itself ? Feel free to ask via the comment box. Also, do you know of other cheap and affordable data plans for Nigerian Internet users ? Please share them with us.

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